SMK#043 – The Mumbles

Het nieuwe jaar weer verder gegaan met de Plurex release-tour. Ondertussen alweer bij nummer 006 met The Mumbles – Poly Vinyl EP.

“Well now, what to make of this? Absurdly basic, an annoyingly catchy melody, a laconic delivery and a xylophone. A glam Blondie, a hungover Johnny Thunders covering Talking Heads, a Devo covering Octopus’s Garden. Low grade, knock-off thrills galore. The b-side, Collision has that steady dum-dum-dum beat beloved of the CBGB crowd. Or Buggles for that matter. Oh, and get the clunky plot line on the lead track with more double entendres than a Two Ronnies sketch. Any song that has the lyrics “She was fingerin’ the imports / I didn’t know what I was in for” deserves a spin. Somehow this couldn’t have been made at any other era than the late ’70s. How this droll Californian outfit ended up on the austere, angry Plurex label is anyone’s guess. | released January 2, 2016 | SMK#043″

In februari gaan we ook nog de KaBaal avond doen in de Paradiso waar veel oude acts gaat spelen in combinatie met een aantal geweldige nieuwe acts.